EMVLeadership is focused on Ethics, Morals, and Values and their critical connection and role in leadership. The curator of EMVLeadership is Joseph E. Thornell Sr., a leadership-focused guy who believes that effective and enduring leadership rides on Ethics, Morals, and Values. Having spent 35 years in the US Military as well as more than 15 years in business and education, I have witnessed weak and strong Ethics, Morals, and Values and the effect they had on leaders, followers, organizations, and communities.

Presently, I believe that our nation, and in fact our world, is suffering from a dramatic loss of all three of these critical elements. It is too easy to take sides, throw stones, and be partisan in your analysis of what happened to these three basic elements of society.  On this site and in these pages, I will work to identify where they went, why they left, and what can be done to bring them back to hopefully help improve our lives, our world, and our future.