2019 – The Launch of EMVLeadership

2019 is the year I finally take my blogging website, www.EMVleadership.com from the conceptual to reality. Let me explain:

I believe that strong Ethics, Morals, and Values (EMV) are the critical fabric that every leader must have within them to ensure they will be as effective as possible, for as long as possible, across their leadership activity, career, or journey. I have believed this for at least the past 38 years of my 59-year life experience.

If you have followed me or interacted with me over the last 38 years, you will recognize this topic as an area that I was focused upon, consistently learning about, teaching others about, and often-times confused by. Let’s talk about where this critical concept came into my life.

I enlisted in the Air Force in 1977 right after my junior year of high school. I was anxious to get started in adulthood and a career.  I was also anxious for a change in my home life, I was the last of eight children, and the time was right for me to leave the nest.

I went to Malmstrom AFB Montana and was a Minuteman Missile Mechanic. There were many significant events that occurred in my life the four years I was there (1978-1982). There were four specific and life-altering events that shaped my engagement with EMV while I was there: I met the love of my life (Kerry Marie) and married her, we had our first son (Joe Jr.), I was on the winning Strategic Air Command Missile Combat Competition team twice (1979 and 1982) and I received a Driving Under the Influence charge on base.

Three super-positive events and one serious downer. In the course of working through the downer, I learned how one awe-shit can destroy 10,000 atta-boys. I learned how a poor choice can impact your reputation, your leaders and followers’ perceptions, and could be used to shape future decisions about you and your career. From this event



, I made a conscious decision to understand, practice, and demonstrate good and effective EMV in my life. I believe that it changed all aspects of my life for the better and has continued to do so every day since.

So now you know the basis for my dedicated focus and love of EMV. Check back once and a while to read my thoughts on this critical topic for leaders; I would love to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ of good and effective EMV in leadership together.

Stay strong; Lead well; and work hard to keep EMV in your leadership at all costs. ~JET Sr.


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